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Basic widget customization

For a basic widget customization you can change:

  • a widget background type;
  • a widget background color;
  • a color of widget buttons.

By default, the system applies the customization settings made by your payment service provider.

The basic customization doesn't require any prior HTML and CSS knowledge. To make changes to the widget view, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your back office
  2. Go to the widget settings on the shop settings page.
  3. Select a button color and a widget background type.

Widget customization in the back office

Background type name Widget background view
Shards Shards background type
Rhombus Rhombus background type
Ovals Ovals background type
Triangles Triangles background type
Random A random selection of the widget background type.
Example of the basic widget customization

The widget sample below uses #096fb6 as a HEX-code of the button colors, and Rhombus as a widget background type.

Sample widget customization