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Test integration

After your integration is completed, Overpay strongly recommends testing your setup before going live. It helps you get a feel of your customers' payment experience and detect any problems at an early stage.

No need to create another shop or account for tests. Check the integration anytime - even if your shop is already working in live mode - by switching on the test mode for a transaction.

In the test mode the Overpay system processes requests, but doesn't send them on to the processing network for financial settlements.

Enable test mode

Depending on the integration option you prefer, follow a suitable way to enable the test mode for your setup with the Overpay system.

  • Pay-by-link testing: Create a test product and get a payment link for it. Follow the link to make a test payment.

  • Payment widget testing: Create a payment token or initiate a payment widget with the test parameter set to true.

  • API testing: Set the test parameter to true in your payment or authorization requests.

If Overpay gets "test": true in a transaction request, the operation is considered to be a test one.

Use test data sets

Once the test mode is enabled, use the test card numbers for card payments or test data provided for a required alternative payment method.

Get and view test results

After you make a test payment, Overpay sends you a response and a webhook notification, if set, with the result respective to the submitted test details. Besides, you can review test transactions and their details in your Overpay back office.

Error response with the Duplicate transaction message

While testing the integration, you may get error responses with the Duplicate transaction message.

Change a transaction amount for a test to bypass the Overpay filter which protects you against duplicate transactions made by customers. Alternatively, send the duplicate_check parameter set to false in your requests.

Processing test transactions

While going live, pay attention to the test parameter value in responses and notifications not to provide your services or products for test payments.

If you are not sure about the status of the transaction (i.e whether it is live or test), send a status request to Overpay.