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Test card data

To check the integration of your resource with the Overpay system, enable the test mode and use the following data sets to test card payments and get the respective status.

Non-3-D Secure test card numbers

The card numbers indicated below are not enrolled at 3-D Secure program and can be used to test payment and authorization transactions as well as test products and test plans.

Number Transaction status
4200000000000000 successful
4005550000000019 failed

3-D Secure test card numbers

These card numbers can be used to test both frictionless and challenge flows with different 3-D Secure payment authentication and transaction statuses.

The 3-D Secure payment authentication status indicates if a cardholder is authenticated to pay with the card. The transaction status refers to a transaction processing result.


Before you start testing 3-D Secure anti-fraud check service, ask your account manager to enable 3-D Secure in the test mode.
Number Payment authentication status Transaction status
4012000000001006 Y successful (Frictionless flow)
4012000000001055 A successful (Frictionless flow)
4012000000001097 Y successful (Challenge flow)
4012000000001022 U failed
4012000000001030 R failed
4012000000001014 N failed
5204240000015003 Y successful (Frictionless flow)
5204240000015011 A successful (Frictionless flow)
5204240000015029 Y successful (Challenge flow)
5204240000015045 U failed
5204240000015052 R failed
5204240000015060 N failed
2201382000000013 Y successful (Frictionless flow)
2201382000000047 Y successful (Challenge flow).
OTP code is 1qwezxc
2201382000000039 A successful
2201382000000021 N failed

AVS/CVC test data

You can test the AVS verification settings by getting different AVS/CVC response codes with the following test sets.

AVS verification

To emulate different AVS codes, send a digit from the table below at any position in the billing_address.address and parameters.

Address digit Zip digit AVS response code
1 1 M
2 2 N
1 2 B
2 1 P
3 3 U
4 4 E
5 5 0
Any other digit Any other digit 1

CVC verification

Submit the CVC codes from the table to emulate CVC verification codes.

CVC CVC response code
111 M
222 N
333 U
444 E
555 0
Any other digit Any other digit

Test card numbers for P2P transfers

These card numbers can be used for P2P transfer testing. Depending on the combination of cards, the request for P2P transfer can require the cardholder's name of the sender or the recipient. Submit any name in the holder parameter in the request.

Sender's Card Reciepient's Card Sender's Name Recipient's Name Transaction status
4012000000003010 4012000000003101 Optional Optional successful
4005550000000019 4012000000003101 Optional Optional failed
"message": "Forbidden by bank"
4012000000001006 4012001037484447 Optional Mandatory If recicipient's holder is not submitted
"message": "Missed recipient card fields: holder."